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Having been surprised by an Orc while fighting another, was a little more than Vlad could have wished for and he cursed loudly while trying hard to fight off the unexpected guests. Finally finishing off the second one, he went back to where the first of them lay on the ground. Vlad had only provided him with a bad wound but it had been enough to keep him down and so he had left him there, to be able to fully concentrate on the other foe. "No one attacks my people without a very good reason!" he growled right before letting his sword fall, then a second later kicked away the severed head. He enjoyed listening to the song of his old trusted sword, remembering the days when its use had been honourable.

Moving around the house, he was met with a sight that left him rooted to the spot for a moment, surprised and in awe. Never before had he seen an Elf in battle, in fact he had never before seen an Elf, but Melost, although only armed with his knife, proved to be a most ferocious opponent and Vlad thought for a brief moment that he was glad Melost were not his enemy. Yet. He didn't quite trust the Elf but in fact, he didn't trust anyone and only time would tell whether this Elf was truly friend or foe.
A swift movement next to him ripped him out of his thoughts and it was only due to his reflexes and skills as a swordsman, that this encounter didnít claim his life. The sound of voices approaching made him look up and as he looked around, he realised that it appeared they had slain all the Orcs or at least the rest had fled the scene. Then it hit him. He saw light in most of the houses now and the farmers were now aprroaching them, having been alarmed by the noise of the fight. Vlad more sensed than saw the rest of the group gather around him, ready for whatever was to come, but unable to see any weapons, he held up his hand, signalling to the group to wait. Keeping an eye on Khalad and Melost, he saw that they seemed to have seen his signal and they too were waiting to see what happened.

Vlad wiped his sword clean and sheathed it, then stepped forward and one of the farmers, an older man who seemed to be some kind of leader, did the same. Not until then did he realise that apart from the man in front of him, there were only a couple of men present and they seemed to be too old to be of any help or a threat to anyone. Only women and a few old men...interesting! Vlad thought as the man began to thank him and the group for aiding them against the Orcs. "We have no weapons and even if we did, all who are able to fight have left for the great market and wonít be back for several days. Had you people not decided to come to our aid, surely we would all have been dead by now and our houses ablaze. Is there any way we can possibly thank you?"
Vlad looked at the man, almost in disbelief, amusement shining in his eye. No weapons? No one able to fight? This was as easy as looting a corpse! With a sardonic smile he looked straight at the man and took one step closer towards the people.

"Thank us? There is no need to thank us, my good man. Surely we couldnít let those Orcs run off with what is ours right in front of us!" Even without the light from the houses, Vlad would have been able to see the colour disappear from the man's face, as he finally realised what had just been said and why they were even there and from behind him, he could hear Snyd's usual snickering. "B-but...we are poor people...w-we have no treasure at all!" Liar! Vlad thought as he looked over their faces. There's always some kind of treasure and most important right now, food! Suddenly his attention was drawn to a young woman, standing almost hidden behind an older one and he motioned for her to step forward. Looking her over, he couldnít help but smile. Beautiful indeed she was and not one day over seventeen, he would bet his remaining eye on that.
"No treasure, you say?" Such a delicate flower, only waiting to be picked... He studied her face, seeing the fear in her eyes, then his gaze rested on her full lips. Begging to be kissed! "I most certainly disagree..." he said, then tipped up her chin and covered her lips with his own. After a long moment he looked up and turned his head, speaking to the outlaws while still watching the faces of the farmers.
" your worst!"

Snyd's joyful laughter mingled with that of Fidrohir and they soon disappeared into a house, Jaheira following at a distance. Vlad let go of the girl, who stood frozen for a moment before quickly running back to the woman who appeared to be her mother, then he turned towards Khalad and the Elf. "Khalad, see to it that these people stay where they are." He then walked a round to make sure all the Orcs were in fact dead but when he passed by Melost, he followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at the girl and he didn't need to think hard to guess his thoughts. He didn't turn his face to look at the Elf, but he did slow down for a moment when he was right next to him.
"I will do many things, Melost, but I will never take a woman against her will." he said, then walked away to continue what he had been doing.
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