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"No longer will I stand idle and watch as you walk further down the path of a villain, committing atrocities that I thought only Orcs were capable of! Are you no better a being than them? I will follow Melost, for where ever he runs to it can only be better than this!"

Jaheira gaped from where she stood. What was going on? Her breath became caught in her chest throughout Khalad's frantic accusation. Jaheira fought with herself, thinking that Khalad was not doing anything to stop them and that he was only running away from his own fears and troubles like some hypocrite. Then she'd realize that Khalad was right. Khalad was right. It pained Jaheira almost that she was admitting such things to herself, but it was so true! It all started when Vlad had kissed the young girl, and threatened the old man, and Jaheira could feel the fear and animosity. She hadn't killed any of them - she hadn't even killed one of the orcs - but there was the knowledge in her heart that everything was wrong.

Then Khalad ran.

He ran like a little boy running from punishment. Jaheira wanted to laugh at his actions, but she knew that if she opened her mouth it would be weak and half-hearted. Vlad shot a slightly shocked look over at Jaheira, and she only shrugged at him in return. Was he really going to let them go like that? Jaheira was again tempted to laugh at his inability to lead and take affirmative action, but Jaheira stopped herself from laughing again.

Then something even crazier happened. Creaking noises and thuds erupted from one of the homes before Fid came fumbling out the door, screaming like the little baby Jaheira knew him to be. "Wait! Wait for me! I'm coming as well!"

Jaheira felt like crying in her frustration. What was happening? What had happened to the harsh, horrible Vlad that she had once known? He stood there, doing nothing to stop Fid, Khalad, or the Elf. It made Jaheira sick. Maybe I should go, too... Jaheira thought half-heartedly.

"You are going to do nothing?" Jaheira asked Vlad when she knew her voice would come out clear and unwavering.
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