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Tolkien Fid

"I barely know you, yet you honour me by your loyalty. And now, you follow me to a far worse fate than you ever would have known with Vlad. He has protected you, cared for you in his way, this is plain for all to see who have eyes. He will see this as a betrayal of his efforts on his behalf and I have no wish for this to be laid at my door. Please reconsider and let me go my way, for mine is the way of death. My time grows short, but the two of you are young by the standards of your kind. Don't throw your lives away for a stranger, I beg you! Return to what you know, to one who needs you. I need no one to show me the way to the darkness of death, I see it before me, clear as the trackless night sky."

Melost's sorrowful words scared Fid, and for a moment he hesitated, quailing. What was he doing?! Wherever this elf was going, what sort of fool was he to follow him? Melost is blatantly mad, you have known that since he first joined you, his mind tried to reason. Whatever fight he goe sin search of, it has nothing to do with you. If you go back to Vlad and Jaheira...

That shook Fid from his reverie and he realised with a shock that the life of the outlaws was the only other choice he had. And where had that got him? For most of his young life he had followed them, and what had it gained him? Spite, scorn, anger and taunting...

Fid took a deep breath. "I have a feeling Snyd pities me, Vlad despises me, and I haven't a chance with Jaheira," he delivered, a blatant verdict. "Wherever you lead, Melost, I'm bloody doomed to follow now - 'haven't got an elf's chance in Mordor of passing more than five minutes alive by Jaheira and Vlad." Melost stiffened and his eyes darkened at the turn of phrase, and Fid cringed slightly, remembering the elf in battle when truly angry. But then the anger faded and only sadness replaced it once more as the elf sighed, turning away and beginning to walk. Fid hesitated for a moment - maybe it wasn't too late to go back? They wouldn't scorn a little more help maybe... - before he yelled after Melost, his voice sounding childish and small.

"Well? Can I come then? I haven't got anywhere else to bloody well go now!"
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