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"Well? Can I come then? I haven't got anywhere else to bloody well go now!"

Fid's plaintive cry pierced Melost's heart and added more guilt to his already over-burdened soul. He stopped in his tracks to let the big man catch up, then turned to look at him curiously. "Fid, you may journey with me, if that is your wish, even though you have been warned of the danger. I hold nothing against you, even though you wanted me dead at first. Nay...if anyone, my quarrel lies with your leader, Vlad. Both of you, walk with me now. I have not idea where I am and I fear I have far to travel before I can re-join my king."

Khalad's heart rose in his breast at the thought of seeing such vast armies arrayed against Sauron. It seemed that he would at last be able to salvage his honour if only they would accept him. "Melost, do you think they will allow me to fight?" " Aye, Khalad, you will be allowed to fight and to die. You and all the others of my race and yours who so willingly go to break their bodies against the might of Sauron, for he is grown great and terrible as the tales of old say of Morgoth Bauglir."

Melost felt his blood freeze in his veins at the mention of Morgoth's name. He who had created that perversion of Iluvatar's creation...the orcs, who had then in turn fallen upon their "kin" in order to wipe them from the face of Arda.This was what they were fighting against, Morgoth's disciple and erstwhile follower.

"Aye, comrades, follow me if you will. There is no finer cause than this to die one. That one, I reserve for myself."
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