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Melost and his "followers" ran on in the dark shadows of the night until Fid began to stumble, cursing and sobbing as he tripped over tree roots the light-footed Elf never even touched. "Melost, Melost... he can't keep running at this pace!" Melost stopped instantly. and turned, his eyes both blazing and sorrowful. "He cannot be my problem, Khalad. He chose to follow me. It pains me, for I see inside him a goodness he himself does realise he possesses. Khalad, there is only one life now I wish to take before I die, that of my dearest friend, the stealer of my soul's desire."

Khalad was taken aback by the tragedy written on the Elf's face and by the vehemence of his words. He moved to touch Melost's shoulder to comfort his but he shied away like a nervous animal. "Do not touch me, I need no comfort nor compassion where I am going, but..." he fixed Khalad with an intense stare, "Much as it irritates me to admit this, I don't want to the poor fool to die. Stay with him until he can run again, then flee to the nearest village as cunningly as you can for my heart forbodes we will be trailed very soon and your lives forfeit. Vlad will come for you soon. And I...would not have your blood on my head as well when I go to Mandos."

Vlad...the thought of the outlaw gave him pain, for when he had first met Arthain, he had had much of the same untamed spirit as did Vlad. Discipline had molded him into a warrior of great heart and endurance. They had bonded almost instantly and in Melost's damaged mind, Arthain and Vlad over-lapped, becoming one entity and he regretted having to leave the outlaw to whatever his destiny was. Thoughts of many possible futures, possible adventures faded back ... the realisation he was standing before two near-strangers with tears slowly running down his cheeks. He bowed his head a moment, took a shuddering breath and turned to walk away. "Fare you well, my road lies in death and despair. This I have forseen long ago, your destinies are not clear to me, so save yourselves, live your lives while you may!" He turned his back on them as a voice called to him, "Is this honour?"
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