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Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Durelin is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.
Snyd sat on the ground in the dark, gnawing slowly at his last piece of bread, letting it last, savoring the taste and the solidity of food in his mouth. Though his stomach groaned one last time while he chewed, protesting that it still had not been filled, the loaf of bread and hunk of some whitish cheese had done the trick. And the cheese had actually tasted very good, making up for the lack of butter for the bread. This was the kind of luck the outlaw band had had quite a bit of lately; in the past few minutes, really. The wall of the building his back rested upon felt ready to crumble. The town they had so cleverly thought to raid was a poor, forsaken old town, outside any realm, in the 'middle of nowhere' to its fullest meaning possible.

Running footsteps came from nearby, falling softly on the hard packed dirt of the town's 'road', so that Snyd's trained ears had to strain to hear them. They came closer and became more distinct, but by that time Snyd had realized who the footsteps must belong to. Only someone trained in stealth could run that quietly, and seemingly without even trying to do so. It had to be either Jaheira or Vlad, so he rose, only to find Jaheira running toward him. She had a bloody good set of eyes. "Oi! Who's in such a hurry now?"

"Vlad, believe it or not," she answered, grinning in a very mischievous way. She looked quite dangerous, as usual. "He's finally seen sense." Jaheira's grin faded, and her face returned to an anger that so fit her, though this appropriateness was tainted by a twinge of sadness. "Though it took him too long."

"Sense? What kind of sense? You mean, about the elf?" Jaheira nodded. "It bloody well took a lot to knock this sense into him!" Jaheira nodded again. She was distracted, staring at the ground; not deep in thought, but mindlessly. "So why are seemingly in a hurry now?"

"We're following them." Her smile returned. "And Vlad's going to let me have some fun." She stared for another moment at something Snyd could not see, the smirk on her face making the theme of her thoughts known. Snyd wanted to smile himself, but he knew that, as Jaheira had been promised her fun, he would have no part in it. "Gather provisions and supplies," she said finally, barking orders at him. When he did not rise, she growled at him, "And hurry! Or we'll have no choice but to provision ourselves with the fresh meat that is readily available."

Jaheira now directed her cruel smirk at him, and, understanding just what she meant, he smiled at her from on the ground as he popped the last chunk of bread into his mouth. He then rose slowly, and headed for the door of the building he been leaning against. "Save the talk of 'fresh meat' for when we catch up with the elf and his 'followers'."
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