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Khalad stared at Melost, slightly shocked by his words. It was obvious that things were greatly amiss, more than the young man had thought, yet he had no time to delve deeper into that. Nor did he believe he would be able to even if given time.

Right now his priorities were to find the Númenorean army, though he felt an obligation towards Fid whom his newfound honour forbade him to leave behind, alone, in such a state. Yet it would greatly slow Khalad down if forced to bring Fid alone to some place where they could take care of him, and then track down his countrymen. Also he did not wish to leave the Elf either. He saw a way to get rid of both problems.

"Melost," he spoke almost in a whisper, "I am unsure if I am able to get help for Fid alone. He is heavy and may not be able to walk for a long while, and I cannot care for him on my own. And if something should happen to me, we would both be defenceless." Khalad spoke as calming as he could, almost as if trying to convince a child. "We both need your help to get Fid to somewhere where they can take care of him. It will not take long; and then you can continue your search."

He almost added "for your friends" to his last sentence but stopped himself, not daring to remind the Elf of the others, unsure of what reaction that would provoke. So he bent down next to Fid, examining him quickly before sending Melost a pleading look.
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