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"I cannot lead you to the path of glory, Khalad, for so I perceive is your intention. You would follow me to clear your own name, to regain the honour you once had. Against my better judgement, I will aid you with Fidrohir, but we take the chance of being attacked by Vlad and the others." Without another word, he moved to Fid's side and helped him to stand. the big man groaned and whimpered, suddenly feeling guilty for slowing them down, but too cowardly to allow himself to be left to the tender mercies of his former leader.

Off to their left, the sky was beginning to lighten and Khalad grimaced. "He'll be able to trail us easily now, Melost. We need to hurry!" Melost cast him a sardonic glance. "If only that were possible! You're friend here hasn't missed too many meals!" Khalad looked at him in surprise, "Was that a joke?" Melost chuckled dryly, "There was a time when I had an excellent sense of humour my freind, but there has been no need for it for quite some time."

They travelled on, looking for a small encampment, a village, anything that would serve as a place of refuge for Fid, but it appeared they were in an area with no settlements at all. Suddenly Melost froze. He gestured for silence, then ran a short distance ahead soundlessly. "How does he do that?" whispered Fid to Khalad, who glared at him in return. The two men froze as they heard sounds of a struggle...shouting...then silence.
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