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Silmaril Arthain

Standing, Arthain's expression was agonised as he looked into the elf's hateful eyes, boring into him with their venom. He hung his head, closing his eyes tight, then looked up again, to Dorlas and this new, ragged man holding Melost.

The elf's jaw was tight as he glared at the soldier, each of the other men ready to grab an arm if he attempted to jump again. But Arthain walked towards the man who had been his best friend, his head slightly turned to one side as he sought the right words. As Arthain drew to be level with the other, Melost drew back and spat at Arthain. The man drew back only slightly from it, his eyes closed: he knew the elf well, had anticipated it. When he opened his eyes again, the elf still bore that hateful glare, his mouth set in a snarl.

"You deserve to die," he whispered acidly.

Arthain felt his eyes burn as he knew it was the truth, remembering everything.

"How can you live? How?" Melost's voice was slowly rising, and the last word was almost a shout as the elf struggled against the other two. The unknown Numenorean pushed Arthain back out of the way, but he came back, his face a few inches from Melost's.

"I don't know!" he yelled back. "I don't know! You think this is life? Melost, not a moment goes by when I do not remember you, remember some deed we did together, some time you saved my life or I yours - do you remember too, Melost? Remember all the battles fought? I bear the scars and so do you, and I cannot think of you or look at them without...every time it happens I pray to any god that might be watching that time could go back and none of this could have happened!" The pent up anger of the past weeks was flowing out now and tears were in Arthain's dark blue eyes, making them glistening, dark slits, threatening to overflow.

"Then why did you do it? You betrayed me, Arthain, and no doubt you have betrayed me ever since-"

"No! I have done nothing of the sort, Melost, nothing - never, never since that day, that damnable day!" Arthain fell to his knees, grabbing Melost's hand, still holding the dagger, which the elf drew back as if the man was unclean.

"So kill me, Melost! Do it, if you cannot forgive me, for death I will take gladly and justly for release from this pain - I would rather take whatever truly lies for such a sinner in the afterlife than live a second more knowing that you cannot forgive me!" He grabbed the dagger, placing it at his own throat, his eyes flooding with tears and he stared up at Melost. "Do it!" he yelled brokenly.
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