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Originally Posted by William Cloud Hicklin View Post
It must be said in Thrain's defence that the whole point of the war, really, was to clear the Orcs out of the Hithaeglir entirely, from Khazad-dum to Moria, and to complete the reclamation of the ancient mansions Thror had been killed rather foolhardily trying to achieve.
Originally Posted by Inziladun View Post
Actually, I think the point of the war was supposed to be vengeance for the killing of Thrór. Moria happened to be where Azog, the Dwarves "Most Wanted" was to be found, so that was the location of the last battle. It just seems curious that instead of saying something like "There, my father and the Eldest of our race is avenged", Thrįin's mind turns toward property.
How then might we reconcile these two points? It's interesting that despite the fact that the Dwarves "assailed and sacked one by one all the strongholds of the Orcs that they could find from Gundabad to the Gladden" they apparently made no effort to resettle any part of the Misty Mountains, even their ancient holy site at Gundabad. I suppose at the end of the war they lacked the numbers to do so in any event. One of the Dwarves' greatest assets, however, was "the fire of their anger, as they hunted for Azog in every den under mountain." So vengeance was evidently still on their minds. Yet Thrįin's heart was turned to Khazad-dūm and not to the honour of his father. Perhaps this was the Ring at work.
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