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HoME XIII: The Weird Bits

This is the book that contains, among other things, a tale of Northern Orcs, who worshipped Aurora Borealis and captured humans alive to eat as popsicles; the list of King Elessar's full names; how the 'treasure' of Petty-Dwarves are actually a bunch of old ratty shoes (they loved eating leather - don't ask) which explains why other people couldn't eat them; how the Eagles double as a taxi service during their spare time (but are deathly afraid of lava for some reason, which was why they bailed out on whole 'destroy the Ring' business); how Maglor lived on till modern era and gathered several punks who were rebelling against their parents and formed a band with them, calling it the Blind Guardian, and went on to describe his experiences through music.

But of course, there is more. Stay tuned!
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