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Lmp. As I said, its out of the range of a Tolkien site. But you asked about Adam & Paganism. The site is very limited in comparison with the author's books, especially Earthlight. I suspect you've skimmed the surface of the site, seen the Tarot images etc, & dismissed the whole thing. Most of Stewart's work is based in the celtic shamanic & Faerie traditions, which is a Living Inner Tradition, with its roots in the same sources as Tolkien himself used. You may, validly, feel that the Pagan Traditions are not for you. But the links to the Traditions behind Tolkien's sources are there, more & deeper than I think you realise from what you say. As John Crowley said in his novel Aegypt 'There's more than one history of the world'. What I feel uncomfortable about is having my spiritual path dismissed as 'dark & dangerous' by people with a superficial knowledge of it - this isn't meant as a personal attack, so please don't take offence - its more of a 'general' attack! Tolkien's works are a modern manifestation of ancient Traditions, with deep roots. The same Traditions are also manifestng in the modern Pagan movement. Its not a coincdence. But I do feel this is way off track now, & its not worth following any further.
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