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Originally Posted by Estelyn Telcontar View Post
We used to get new members though the Elvish name generator! I'll have to check and see if it still works...
Not working:
  • Name generator
  • Personality test
  • Gaffer's Proverbs
  • Magnets (which used Flash!)
  • Quizzes (all show blank)

  • Madlibs
  • Malbeth
  • Hanghobbit
  • Walk to Rivendell
  • Tengwar scriptor
  • Location finder ("this page has been streamlined")

No obvious pattern, but it's likely the Location Finder used to run the same code as the Personality Test until it was "streamlined"; it might be possible to cannibalise that and restore the others. (Because it's all server-side PHP, I can't see the code and check, so this is all a guess. )

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