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Umm... A rather strange guess, but I'd say Earendil, with the Silmaril? (A.K.A the North or evening star)

Glowing like a star so bright Well, he became a star, and the Silmaril shines, so maybe that could work.
Love and tenderness do I show Umm... Earendil is the most beloved star... or something.
In the darkness of the night That one's easy.
I bring you memories of what you know Everyone on the board ought to the story of Earendil, and when I look at the North star, sometimes I think about Bilbo's song. Maybe that's just me.
The light itself could fade very soon The evening star is the first one to disappear at dawn
But now is rest and forgotten is doom It shows up at night. When you rest. And when he rests, he forgets his doom, which is to be the star.

Ok. Maybe that's pretty tenous. I like it anyway.
This is my quest, to follow that star; no matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right, without question or pause. To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause! -Man of La Mancha
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