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Thank you, Maril. That was a reasonable reply, and you're right, I was expecting "PCism".

I do agree with you. Individuals should be accepted on an individual basis, with no thought to what sins (or what you believe to be sins) they may have committed in their private lives. God knows I wouldn't want other people to judge me on what I've done. The only aspect of this that I have a problem with is the idea shared by so many that only the views that accept pop-morality (or the lack of a higher standard of morality) should be voiced. Normally I wouldn't have bothered any of you with my views, and would have been content to let you discuss the gay implications you see in Tolkien's work. But I suppose I have a pet peeve with those who condemn another person's moral beliefs for not being tolerant enough of other people's moral beliefs. The hypocrisy of that is astounding and I see it all the time.

I realize, though, that this is not what you intended and I apologize. I suppose I must admit that all the recent talk (in several different threads) of gay relationships in Tolkien's books have been rather irritating to me. Which is exactly why I've tried to steer clear.

Here's to free speech. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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