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Amarinth has just left Hobbiton.

looking above, i'm reminded again why i like the barrowdowns forum. you guys up there sure churn up a lot of intelligent open discussions you don't normally get in other sites. i feel really privileged to belong here, absorbing all these ideas from you. i hope we all do keep this up. maril, am spending my life trying to be pc myself, but i sure did learn a lot from you from your post. [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img]

btw, why oh why did the homosexual thingy between frodo and sam crop up in this board anyway?...there's a pertinent section way down there if i remember correctly (sam and frodo, by the master of puppets).

going back to the question, i would like to ask tolkien why he didn't consult with a geologist when he made the map of middle-earth! linear ridges of mountains squaring off mordor indeed! doesn't really matter though in the entire sheme of things...

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