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Originally Posted by William
The battlefield scenes were palpable nonsense (as almost always in the movies). Cavalry? Seriously? Charging across no-man's land into machine guns? That lesson was learned the hard way in August 1914 and wasn't repeated.** For that matter, if a bunch of Tommies was going over the top, then the entirety of Tolkien's journey along the trenchline would have been thunderously drowned out by the preparatory bombardment, which by 1916 doctrine would have gone on for days.*
Were they also wearing red trousers?

As for the cavalry. Heh.
Come WW2 though and the opinion on the usefulness of cavalry is completely reversed again because unlike motorized forces they don't require fuel. I still can't remember the specific incident I was referring to earlier in the thread - it was a (retrospectively) funny story of how the motorcycles that were supposed to play a critical role in a large scale operation ran out of fuel or engineers or something like that and the horses had to step in last minute, and they did way better than what the motorized unit was expected to do. I'll post it here is I come across it again. It's bugging me.

Thanks for the summary and the impressions. I will now neglect to watch it with a completely clear conscience.
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