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3 wizards and 2 elves??
I thought the only wizards on the white council were Sauraman and Gandalf, and there were 3 elves, (Galadriel, Elrond and Celeborn?).

To answer that question here is a list of all of those on the white council:

Those are the only people that are ever mentioned to have been on the white council. You are also all forgetting that not everyone was as involved with the council as Gandalf was. Cirdan was himself very far away and needed to take care of the havens in either case, so he was rarely there and, hence, not remembered by most people as on the Council. Galadriel and Celeborn can of course not be discounted from being on the council because that is where they knew Gandalf from, as is shown in FOTR in Lorien. The three wizards also, were obviously all on the Council. If any of you have any questions or corrections I would love to hear them. Btw, this also explains why Elrond and the other elves were not shown as being directly involved in the assault upon Dol Guldur. In fact, there is never a clear distinction made wether Sauron had already retreated already before the council even got there, which is also possible.

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