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You are really making sense to me. Another point: (I'm not sure about it) I also guess that each tribe/regiment had their own banner or flag to identify with. I mean, the Southrons had it, so why not the orcs? And the flag of a regiment is not necessarily something that it got from Sauron. I think they designed their own flags, as each regiment had different members with different tastes (meaning colours and so on).

Another question I have is do we know for certain that orcs can read and write? I mean there is this scene near Ithilien were Frodo and Sam discover the statue of old and it is full of writings of the Black speech. I mean, that does not mean that orcs made it. But, if orcs could write, that would be another sign of a culture. (And if they had letters, I'm sure there would be many different ones among the tribes, too)

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