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Had this thread bookmarked, but now is the first I've had a chance to get into things.

We had a nice discussion goin' on in another thread and I want to hear your views about the subject: Do you think that the Orcs were all the same or did they have their own cultures?
What was said in the other thread, though, was that their cultures were all extremely similar. They would all be war-based, they would all be violent. If you were an orc and not violent, you couldn't survive. So yes, they had their own cultures, they had their own armors, own languages (or at least accents), but I don't believe they were very diverse.

(Just thought of something else to reply to) The reading and writing with the orcs. I'd say that they couldn't *all* read and write, as it's easier to repress a group with the less they know. They don't need to know how to read or write, yis?

So, mayhaps some of the more important regiments could, and probably a few members (a.k.a the leaders) in the lower ones could. But that's just my idea.

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