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This is a great discussion, but we seem to be argueing multiple ideas at once.

Who would be capable of wielding the Ring against Sauron?: It seems clear from Tolien's letters (thanks for the quotes) that the only answer to this is maybe Gandalf and forget the rest.

But the original question was ...

Who would Sauron be nervous about having the Ring?: Here speculation can run rampant (unless someone has a quote from another letter dealing with this). Sauron seems to be worried about this possibility so clearly there are some candidates out there. I would stick with my first three: Gandalf, Aragorn and Galadriel. Why not Elrond or Cirdan? I think this is one of personality. Can anyone see Elrond or Cirdan actually considering using the Ring against Sauron? I can't. As well, I still think Galadriel has to be considered the most powerful Elf at the end of the third age. The whole seeing the trees Noldor thing. So if Elrond or Cirdan had the Ring I'm not exactly sure Sauron would be "worried" about them using it. As for Saruman, I don't think Saruman really had the respect of Sauron. I suspect he was viewed as a puppet who, if he did managed to cut his own strings, would just fall to the ground under his own weight.

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