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Sauron was unbeatable, at least nobody in Middle-Earth could beat him. Gandalf's plan failed, as Frodo couldn't destroy the Ring. Wouldn't Gollum have taken one step, Sauron would have won. The Good were simply pretty damn lucky.

Well, of course the Powers could have easily stept in and thrown the Ring to Mt. Doom, and they could probably have smashed it to pieces with a fist, but they are a completely different thing. And maybe even a maia greater than Sauron could have resisted it, as I've already said.

Sauron was unbeatable for so long as luck didn't come and ruin his plans.

By the way, have you thought, that if Galadriel, Elrond, Gandalf or any of the candidates would have taken the Ring and beaten Sauron(well, at least defeated his armies and given him a good set-back), it would have been Sauron's own fault? After all, the Ring offered itself to numerous persons and filled their minds with images of supreme power - was that a mistake, or planned by Sauron?
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