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I meant no one in ME could destroy it. If we want to bring the Valar into it, perhaps Manwe, Ulmo, or a couple others would be capable of destroying it. But, the Valar were not involved. As far as ME goes, I believe exactly what you stated, that the world had been reduced to a single equation where Sauron wins.
Tolkien makes very little distinction between the Valar and the Maiar actually. The lesser Valar and the greater Maiar hardly had any distance in relative "greatness". And as Olorin was the wisest of the Maiar, if you say he couldn't destroy it, there's very little distance between him and say, Nessa. Gandalf had the willpower to toss the ring into Frodo's fire, which granted, he knew wouldn't hurt it, but it was more than Frodo could do.

When there is no way, Eru finds a way.
Ach! Don't you hate it when you argue ferociously for something, and then come to find out both parties are saying the same thing all along. How embarrassing. I really hate the way you phrased it though. [img]smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

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