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Eruwen has just left Hobbiton.

Sam- He might be a good ringbearer. Although, being Frodo's faithful companion I don't think he would go on in his place. I think he might give the ring to someone else in that he doesn't feel it would be right for him to take it. If he was told to, on the other hand, like Frodo was by Gandalf, I think he would do it in respect for Frodo. Hobbits have a good heart...this one for sure. Remember, he's Samwise the Brave. He could do it.

Merry or Pippin: I think it would depened on when the choice had to be made. If it was near the end of the last battle, then sure. I think one of them might be able to. Other than that, I don't think they were ready enought to take on such an enormous responsibility.

Boromir- Not even. The hearts of men are very corruptible.

Gandalf- Gandalf was right in this one. Although he is a very powerful wizard, I think he would fall to the power of the ring as Saruman did. He would not be able to make it that far. The ring is too strong.

Aragorn- To give him credit, I think he would last for a while. Though, I fear, as Boromir did, he would give in. He is human. Men are weak. There is no hope in them when it comes to destroying the ring.

I'm not sure about Legolas and Gimli. The would be good choices, but they are better suited in battle than in destroying a ring. That is just my opinion though.
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