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Sam: he was tempted, imagining mordor as a garden if i remember right, but seemed to shake it off. i think he would do OK except that i don't know if he would be motivated enough to take it to mordor if staying with frodo was taken away.

Merry/Pip: too silly. they do grow and become good warriors and whatever, but i can't imagine either of them lasting a day in mordor.

Gandalf: as i believe film-Gandalf says, "I would use this ring from a wish to do good, but through me it would do great evil or some-such". too powerful.

Aragorn/Boromir: the hearts of men are too easily corrupted.

Gimli: i really don't know. i have no clues at all!

Legolas: i reckon he'd be pretty good. when galadriel did her looking into their hearts bit, him and aragorn were the only ones who could bear her eyes for long as they were pure in their intentions. i think thats right? however i think, given time, it would corrupt him.

toss up between Sam and Legolas i suppose.
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