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You know, Lyra, I was all set to get all huffy at you having called Merry and Pippin "too silly," and then I thought about what really would have happened to them in Mordor. M & P are more like regular, straightforward warriors, like the Men and the Elves and the Dwarves, than the quiet, spy-like hobbit that Frodo is. Sam, too, has more of a "regular guy" attitude than Frodo does. I would not agree with you in your assessment of M & P as "silly" but I could say that their approach in Mordor is likely to be much more open and confrontational than that of Frodo. They were most in their element challenging the clear and present danger of ruffian Men in the Shire and also they were capable of great deeds on the battlefield. They were not spies. I do think, however, that they would make good protectors for the Ring-bearer.

The other problem I can see now that you've opened my mind a bit is that Sam was a follower; he went to Mordor because Frodo was going there. I imagine that, if the three hobbits were thrust into a situation where they had to infiltrate Mordor by themselves, that Merry would be the leader, Pippin the enforcer and Orc-thumper, and Sam the Ring-bearer. What do you think?

BTW, thanks for the kick to my consciousness, Lyra! I like it when I get riled up and have to think! (I'm rather protective of my hobbit Pippin, and I have probably a distorted view of him because I'm so fond of him!)

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