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All those votes for Sam and certainly, he wouldn't have become corrupted - but as someone said, he's a follower. Sorry, guys, Sam is my favourite character, but this is a class issue. He is a peasant. In Tolkien's universe, this limits him, even if he does eventually rise to the upper crust. Look for about five minutes. He didn't even know Frodo was alive, but he decided the world could come to an end, tough luck, just so long as he didn't have to see those orcs pawing Frodo's body!

Gandalf turned down even the job of holding the Ring for Frodo for a few minutes because he knew he'd keep it. Aragorn MIGHT have made it if he absolutely had to, but he was needed elsewhere.
No. I'm holding out for Gimli. I think he had too much sense to stick around in Moria after what had happened there. If anyone could part with it, he could. And please note, Thorin Oakenshield needed no Ring to get him acting as if he had one!
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