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Silmaril from what I see, is this the "average" viewpoint?

Sam- Might be able to carry out the quest for the love of his master, but too much of a follower.
Merry and Pippin- Not Ringbearer material, but could be good protectors for the Rinf, as far as their strength would let them. Possibly too simple.
Aragorn- Possibly, as he was a very strong Man, but his will would probably finally break, granted, later than those of many others could.
Gandalf- Much too powerful.
Gimli- Unsure, has good stength except that it might make him lust for precious things, or that he would be too headstrong.
Legolas- Possibly, but too old, with too much knowledge. Still, a possibility.
Boromir- Hmmm....I wonder. [img]smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

Is that about right from what you're saying?
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