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I stand corrected about the early movements of the Elves in Middle Earth and the West. Yet it still seems to me that the Elves are destined to go West and leave the shores of Middle Earth. Why else would Tolkien leave the grey havens in existence for so long? Ultimatly, all elves must leave, or the havens would have had no purpose in Lord of the Rings.
And as to fading away, I've always figured that the eternal life the elves have was forever, and that there was no measure of time in the west. So if an elf was diminished and faded, he just lost a bit of his elf luster, as in still immortal, but looking a bit less elvish, or losing stature in the elvish society. Like Galadriel who is a queen in Middle Earth. She is pardoned enough after having refused the one ring and may therefore go back to the west. She says (qouted roughly) "I shall fade(or is it diminish), and go into the waste, and remain Galadriel." My point is that she fades but still has eternal life and her elvish being, but is stripped of all power and prowess
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