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Sting Breeding for fear

I've recently stumbled on a theory and would like to bounce it off people.

When Eru made it possible for his Children to reproduce, he gave them the power to create new Children. He did not give this power to the Ainur. They had great power, but they did not have the power to reproduce.

There is an example of Ainu reproduction, but it is with one of the Children. Luthien was the product of a Maia and an Elf. When it came down to it, she was not an Ainu. She was a Child of Eru. There is no reproduction without a Child of Eru. When there is, the product is another Child of Eru.

I ran across a passage in Myths Transformed where Tolkien wrote that Morgoth twisted men in such a way that they reproduced with orks. He wrote earlier that Melkor could create creatures, but they would be the 'puppet' type creatures similar to the pre-Eru enhanced Dwarves.

Combining these two possibilities leads me to my theory on the creation of Orks as we know them:

Orks are a cross between men and puppet Orks. The puppet Orks bring hroar, while the men bring the fear. These new Orks will have free will within a totally twisted body.
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