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Thanks again for that link. After reading the thread, I am convinced that obloquy is the one who started me down this trail.

I was wondering if you'd answer a question that I have concerning Orks. You said:

When looking at Tolkien's quote "In summary: I think it must be assumed that 'talking' is not necessarily the sign of the possession of a 'rational soul' or fa", we should be careful to distinguish between language and the act as talking just as well as the author did. Intelligence and the understanding of the comlpex system of language still seem to be exclusive traits of a fa, unlike the skill to produce sounds physically, up to the imitation of speech devised by rational beings.
This means that you believe that Orks do have a fea?

Going back to the eagle issue, what about Gwaihir? He spoke a complex language. From The Two Towers, The White Rider
"A burden you have been," he answered, "but not so now. Light as a swan's feather in my claw you are. The Sun shines through you. Indeed I do not think you need me any more: were I to let you fall, you would float upon the wind."
Gwaihir must have had a fea.

Thanks Sharku, I thought I had an answer to one problem, then you throw another one at me. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

Do you have an answer for the eagle problem?
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