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"but Saruman's Orcs can endure it [the sun] even if they hate it. I wonder what he has done? Are they Men he has ruined, or has he blended the races of Orcs and Men? That would be a black evil!" (Two Towers "Treebeard"). Though spoken by the fallible Treebeard, I don't know why anyone would doubt that the Uruk-hai of Saruman were not a mix of Orcs and Men when taken alongside the "Myths Transformed" quote: "There is no doubt that long afterwards, in the Third Age, Saruman rediscovered this, or learned of it in lore, and in his lust for mastery committed this, his wickedest deed: the interbreeding of Orcs and Men, producing both Men-orcs large and cunning, and Orc-men treacherous and vile."

Even the words "wickedest deed" parallel Treebeard's comment, "A black evil." And the dichotomy of Men-orcs and Orc-men allows for the Uruk-hai and the goblin-men/orc-men that Saruman had fighting for him.
"He was sent by a mere prudent plan of the angelic Valar or governors; but Authority had taken up this plan and enlarged it, at the moment of its failure."
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