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Could someone please give me the book and location of the reference to "five" being in on the Dol Guldor assault, regardless of whether that implies that said five were mutual exclusive with the composition of the White Council. I can't find it in UTs or LoTR.

The five in question could have been Gandalf, Saruman, Galadriel, Celeborn and either Radagast or Glorfindel, who likely would have been more helpful than Radagast for such things. That still does not mean that Elrond and Cirdan were not members of The White Council, who helped put forth power against Dol Guldor, without actually going there.

One thing is clear, though, the Necromancer gave some sort of resistance before retreating. The Wise were deceived for a decade as he lay low before declaring himself in Mordor.

The Wise really felt, they had forced him into retreat, if not permanently, as had been the case when Gandalf/Wise initiated the 400-year-long Watchful Peace, which might have been easier as Sauron likely fled to avoid having his true identity revealed.

So, the WC attack on Dol Guldor must not have gone over too astonishingly easy, or it would have been a ruse not a feint, and more immediately troubling.

But he gave way probably soon enough to avoid having Dol Guldor directly divested, which might have complicated later moves to to rearm it.
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