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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>omg u ppl actually sit there taking notes or summit?!jeez, i hav a copy of lotr and i never noticed!neway, those flames wud kinda luk vvvvvvv unreal without color!but yeah, i mean maybe he got bored and decided 2 do colouring!orcs probly doant exactly make stimulating convo!<BR>lol<BR>me <HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>Archer???????? <BR>******<BR>ahem. Aaaanyways. You know, I think those actually were oilpaints. Canīt you see it?<P>Saruman: *in annoying French Nasal, a la Merovingan*"Ahh, yes...A bit of orange here...thatīll kill him off. Wondeful, brilliant. Though maybe I should use a bit more black there? The effect of the picure is very clear, is it not? Ahh, yes...." <BR>
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