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Not only did Sauman play with crayons...he actually invented them! This is how the legend goes:<BR> As with all evil people, Saruman was constantly afraid, afraid that someone would steal is staff. Because of this fear, he taught himself how to channel his power threw other things. One day he came across a black pointy-like thingy & channeled his power threw it. To his delight the pointy thingy made a black like mark on the ground in the direction toward where he channeled his power. He soon was doing this with red pointy-thingys, etc.; &, being very wise, soon made the conection that whatever the color of the pointy thingy, that was the color that came out when he channeled his power threw it. He immediantly devoted one of his numerous cavern-ovens toward baking some different colors of these pointy thingies. Then he thought up a name for them. Because the marks that came out of them reminded him of clay, he named part of their name, cray, since it wasn't REALLY clay. Then, because they made marks ON things, he called them CRAY-ONS. He channel-drew a few pictures in his lore book ( hence the aforementioned Balrog drawing ), but soon grew tired of that. He decided to make on last piece, a real work of art. He channel-colored all over his robe, becoming saruman of many colors. That is how the legend goes. Here's a source I leaned on heavily: <I>If You Don't Know the Answer, Here's a Guide to How to Make up a Stupid story</I>-by a guy named The Only Real Estel. I also did some probing of my shallow mind while painting ( getting paid of course ). So that is how the legend goes.<BR>
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