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Wow, I never meant this idea to start a new thread.

I think we have to be careful to differentiate power from wisdom. Galadriel passes the test from/because of her wisdom. She knows the risks and doesn't fall into the trap. This is because of her wisdom not power... otherwise, would we say that Sam is as powerful as Galadriel? He was actually a ringbearer and was able to escape its grasp. Though he is not powerful nor learned, Sam has exceptional wisdom and knows his limitations.

What I meant when I made the post in "Galadriel vs. Melian", was can their power, both magical and creational (e.g. silmarils etc.) expand and develop? The science of man increases over time. The magic of the elves does not seem to (Lindil - this "creational" idea doesn't deserve its own thread [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] )

For instance, Feanor creates the best invention of the elves early in their history, and it is never duplicated. This seems to imply that they do not "grow" magically, as men do in science. There are other examples... In one of the versions of the Elessar, the second one creatd by Celebrimbor is weaker than the first. Only though contact with Sauron, can Celebrimbor increase his craft... Even then it is not equal to Feanor, although Celebrimbor has thousands of years to build and grow.

I guess I would put my thesis something like this:

While individual elves can grow in power and craft to a lesser extent, elves in general will be less powerful in magic and craft as time and generations pass.

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