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In fact, Tar Palantir, I do think that Galadriel was some sort of superior elf, specially when compared with the elves in her realm, and pretty much every other elf on M.E. With the notable exception of Cirdan, among the elves remaining on M.E., she was mightiest. In RotK Tolkien says so. And in the end, Tolkien implies that such was the might and position of Galadriel among the Eldar on Valinor that by her intervention, Gimli was accepted to go to Valinor with Legolas.

And about the fleeing that the Galadhrim would feature if Sauron recovered the one, I dont think it would be that easy. I remember that, at some point, its stated in LOTR that they cannot flee safely from M.E. even if they wanted to do so before Sauron recovered the One. Just about the Lorien elves, they would have to face the attacks of Dol Guldur and the Orcs around Moria just to flee towards the Grey Havens. Maybe the archers and soldiers of Lorien would stand a fight to take Celeborn, Galadriel and others out. But not against the might of Mordor, Dol Guldur and Moria behind you.

I do think that they were in a dead end. Thats why Galadriel says that theyll fall helpessly in the hands of Sauron if he recovers his ring. Thats why they remained fighting on M.E.

Otherwise, why wouldn`t Galadriel and Co. flee M.E. before the Ring reached Mordor and Sauron's hand? If she was already permitted to go back to Valinor, why would she be here? Arwen? Dont think so...
"In place of a Dark Lord you will have a Queen! Not dark but beatiful and terrible as the Dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! All shall love me and despair!"
--- Galadriel when tempted by the One Ring.
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