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Superior elf to most sure, but my 'Super-elf' was an allusion to Superman, sorry if it wasn't clear.
Tolkien implies that such was the might and position of Galadriel among the Eldar on Valinor that by her intervention, Gimli was accepted to go to Valinor with Legolas.
It says nowhere that Gimli was accepted in Aman.
And about the fleeing that the Galadhrim would feature if Sauron recovered the one, I dont think it would be that easy.
But you still have to try, at least there is a chance, while staying in Lorien they would have no chance.
If she was already permitted to go back to Valinor, why would she be here?
Because Arda is where she lived, she always wanted to stay there. She was even sad that she would be force to sail west. Can you imagine? Sad to go to the undying lands? That shows where her heart was. She even ignored the pardon on her ban from Aman to stay. That is why she stayed, though I am sure there are other contributing factors we don't know about. While we're at it, why didn't Elrond leave? It would be a predominantly speculative answer.

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