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Here's an on-topic question:

I've read both the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and I've done some background research recently on Middle-earth, before starting The Silmarillion(Which I just started yesterday), so I don't know if this is answered in that book. But ANYWAYS, sorry for the tangent, how did Glamdring, Orcrist, and Sting wind up in the troll's dwelling? I know they had to slay someone who was carrying them, but do we know who they are? I've not found it yet, but there's always Silmarillion and the rest of the books.

Also, I totally agree with the Hobbit having major parallels w/ Beowulf. Tolkein had a pretty prominent affection for Anglo-Saxon literature, and that really makes sense.

PS: Nuranar, gotta love the
Killer Angels reference. That has to be one of my favorite non-JRR books. Props for that!
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