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Glad to hear I've made your day, Nuranar! Same to you, One Axe... in a slightly odd little way...

On the topic of Gimli's axes in the movie, I too saw his small throwing axes(at Amon Hen), but at one point I remember Gimli utilizing a double-bladed battle axe, aside from his standard axe. I could be mistaken, but I'm awfully sure I saw it during one scene in FOTR. However, this isn't the movies forum, and I wouldn't want to upset Estelyn. I was just wondering if anyone else saw this, as that kind of axe was what I always pictured Gimli wielding(even though it seems like everyone has a slightly different take on middle-earth after they read the books, that's what makes it interesting, everyone's unique views).

PS: Nuranar, have you read Gods and Generals or any other of Jeff Shaara's books? They're almost as good as his fathers, I'd say. Very JRRT-Christopher-like.

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