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I was trying to find a post that I wanted to revisit in light of this thread. Someone sometime during the Hobbit trilogy shared a dream of a very detailed movie sequence of the 2nd or 3rd (yet unreleased) Hobbit movie. But I can't remember who or on what thread. It would have been interesting to analyze in retrospect. Anyone remembers what I'm talking about?

Originally Posted by Ring Bearer;730525[URL=""[/URL]

How amazingly accurate the last two paragraphs are--as if Peter Jackson read them!
That is indeed quite an accurate vision.

Reading that thread, I find it so interesting that several posters comment on the atmosphere-building and character-building of the Shire, bringing up a lot of the book details from the early chapters of mundane hobbit interactions. One of the reasons mentioned was that we the audience have to also love the Shire, it has to become dear and precious, otherwise the quest and especially the ending lose their value. I think in part the movies do that well, they certainly associate the Shire with a feeling of joy, and the Shire music is something on a whole different level, though they skip over material that several of the posters thought should get attention!
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