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Why always this good-evil opposition?
During the singing Melkor wanted to make his own song instead of singing in harmony with the others. This later become visiualized by the fact Melkor didn┤t want to have any part in the harmonious construction and maintenance of Arda by the Valar. Instead he wanted to create and make by his own design and not Eru┤s design. Of course he couldn┤t (only Eru could create - Flame Imperishable and all) and in his jealousy he destroys much of the works of the Valar. Is that evil? Is it not merely a trickssy trick of Eru, giving Melkor the greater power of the Valar and seeing him bend and crack under the weight of his own power. I wonder what the story had been if for example EstŰ or Vßna had been mightiest.
So Melkor was not evil as charged, but only acting according to his nature given to him by Eru. It is said ManwŰ was closest to Eru in understanding. But Melkor was definitely closer to Eru in power, assuming Eru was mightiest of all. So ManwŰ was given understanding but not power; he knows but can┤t act, and Melkor was given power; he knows not but acts.
The longer I think about it the less I feel we shouldn┤t just send Melkor to the bad guys-section...
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