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In keeping with the subject of the thread I was thinking of the relationship between Melkor (the created being) and Iluvatar (the Creator).
In human relationships one could no doubt come up with all sorts of exceptions to everything.
If that´s the way we are looking at it we might as well end this thread. To say 'O well they´re gods, that explains' gets us nowhere. To know that which we don´t know, we must compare with the things we do know.

Another thing, where does it say Melkor is not obedient? He does things in a different way then the rest of the Valar, but Illuvatar never said things should be done this or that way. He only said their deeds will be part of the greater picture which he only can see. And that brings me back to my earlier statement; Melkor was not evil, but only acting according to his nature, not being disobedient, only different then the rest (of the Valar). Maybe that explains it: fear for the out-of-the-ordinary, Melkor comes with radical ideas about Arda, which are 'threatening' to the positions of the other Valar. Therefore Melkor is classified evil and dismissed as an enemy of the state.

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