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Boots Stars, Smiths and dancing in the woods

Huinesoron— Nimrodel !
“A star was bound upon her brow
A light was on her hair”

Smith of WM reminds me of LMP’s old thread “it feels different near the Shire.” The elf Queen reminds me more of Goldberry than Galadriel. Less remote, more near to the heart—until she is revealed as the elf queen.
Dancing in the woods always sang to me. Music in the forest. Stars through the trees.
But over all the story strikes me as well past Fourth Age— as Sharon would say, seventh age— and the elves are too remote: so sad. Give me first age Beleriand. Or, at least Rivendell.

But back to the Shire. Finding the elf queen dancing in the woods is like finding Gildor in Woody end. Having to surrender the star at the end of the Smith’s tenure— I don’t know. Too sad.
...down to the water to see the elves dance and sing upon the midsummer's eve.
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