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I lived in a land without hate
With my apprentices three
But by the hands of fate
All three were taken from me

The first one, second in command
Of the Enemy, Marrer of lands
I am one of those who guard the light
Even if it's him I'd have to fight

The second one, overtaken by greed
He dwelt high up in his tower
The destroyer of my beloved's creation
All because he sought power

The third one, greatest of them all
With skill beyond measure
Great was his fall
Blessed was his treasure

I lived in that land
With my apprentices three
Now here's the riddle
Who are they, and who am I?
Tuor: Yeah, it was me who broke [Morleg's] arm. With a wrench. Specifically, this wrench.

I am suffering from Maeglinomaniacal Maeglinophilia.
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