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Eruwen - in answer to your question: Huorns are similar to Ents. Merry says in TTT: <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR> I think they are Ents that have become almost like trees, at least to look at . . . There is a great power in them, and they seem able to wrap themselves in shadow: it is difficult to see them moving. But they do. They can move very quickly, if they are angry . . . they have become queer and wild. Dangerous. I should be terrified of meeting them, if there were no true Ents about to look after them.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>I hope that answers your question! <BR> <BR>I am very excited to see what is in TTT Extended DVD. The Faramir-flashback thing sounds interesting. I wonder how far he will "flash back." hehe . . . I can just picture Boromir and Faramir as little kids . . . <BR> <BR>I hope they do put the Huorns in, although it might be kind of hard to properly display what they really are without messing it up . . . I guess we will just have to wait and see.<p>[ August 18, 2003: Message edited by: Goldberry ]
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