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Nimrodel stepped backward and put her face in her hands.

Amroth waited, but his eyes shone with hope.


Taitheneb stepped closer to Erebemlin. "He chose Ithildir over Celemir simply because Ithildir was the younger?"

Erebemlin searched Taitheneb's eyes before he answered. "Yes."

Taitheneb, thunderstruck, shook his head. "On a whim?"

"Yes, on a whim. There was no other way to choose. Celemir and Ithildir are both fine elves. Among the finest."

"But I had always believed he had a firm reason for choosing Ithildir over Celemir simply because Ithildir was younger!"

Erebemlin raised an eyebrow. "Younger by moments, Taitheneb. What lead could Celemir possibly have had in those things usually gained by long years?"

Taitheneb gazed blankly at Erebemlin.

Amroth spoke, as if out of a great distance. "Did Ithildir father you well?"

Taitheneb nodded. "Of course. He is a fine father."

Amroth smiled. "Why then, I am glad. As you should be. And Celemir was a fine uncle?"

Taitheneb thought this over, and then laughed. "I guess I would have been well raised either way."

Erebemlin slapped his younger friend on the shoulder, and a rare smile lit the ellon's face. "You were well raised indeed."

Their attention turned back to Nimrodel, who was pacing on the nearby sward.

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