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Originally Posted by Ring Bearer View Post
Btw, I am not able to post a reply to a thread which had the last comment in 2001.

I do not have "enough privileges" it seems.
Is it archived or something?
Yeah--the forum got some rather significant upgrades between its first iteration in 2000 and 2003ish: from EZboard to VBB if I'm not entirely mangling acronyms I haven't seen/used in a decade. Anything older than about 2003ish got archived at some point, if the thread wasn't, at that point, recently active.

It was always, however, considered fine form to post a NEW thread, linking to the old one and explicitly saying in the new thread that you were continuing the old one--if an Admin roused from their slumber and noticed, they'd combine the two threads: otherwise, it's a field trip for the Old Folks to go down memory lane and new thread of its own.

Originally Posted by Inziladun View Post
I know a lot of the peripheral applications on the actual Downs site are obsolete. My guess would be that it's due to the fact that only the forum section is seeing any real use, and it's been that way for quite a few years.
Honestly, even when I joined in (*looks at dusty scroll...*) MMV anno Domini, the non-forum parts of the website were rather less used. I've had my bookmark link set at the forum mainpage since about 2006. I suspect too that even where the forum software has been updated here or there, insofar as forums are not exactly cutting edge technology anymore, the supporting software may not readily have modern social media plug-ins.
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