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The Eye

"And we shall see tonight who is exactly whom," her mother finished as the three stepped out from the carriage. Alethea nodded to her in childish obedience, in her head she wondered why she did it but it was instinct to agree with every thing her mother said concerning Umbar. Everything. So the three walked to the Ballroom, her mother in front and her sister at her side.

Her sister looked stunning tonight and she pondered the thought of whether bride to be could match her magnificence. She didn’t doubt it, but she kept silent. As they approached the door they placed the elaborate masques on delicately. Alethea’s was the same deep red and white of her dress, except the plumage was laced with tiny coloured jewels which mad the masques sparkle when the light hit it right. Her eyes were swept with the same red hue of her dress, but her speckled brown eyes seemed to be oyt of lace with her attire.

As the three entered the glorious Ballroom a few heads turned in their direction, obviously to applaud Dryea’s beauty with their inquisitive eyes. Their mother turned and walked to her acquaintances with a brief goodbye to her daughters. And so Alethea, seeing Adrama at the other end of the Ballroom made her way to her. She set off passing through several groups of people commenting on others.

“…yes she is beautiful isn’t she…”

“….but what about her sister?….”

“…a fake! Well I never…”

She continued to walk through them, till someone caught her wrist and pulled her, she turned round with a shock but was only greeted by Dryea.


“Remember what mother said,” she whispered quietly to Alethea, “remember your job, don’t you dare let that pathetic friend of yours get in the way.” Alethea twisted her wrist from her grip, her eyes stared violently at her sister. Why did she do this? She loved her sister and hated her at the same time. Dryea seemed to have not let go of the fact Alethea sold her out to their mother, and in reality Alethea had not forgiven herself for the act.

The last thing she wanted to do was upset Dryea but somewhere inside of her she knew she was right and her sister wrong. They were lying and it was wrong and she wanted to fight it but the love she held for her mother and sister was too much too over come, although she felt as though she was nearly there the way Dryea was acting.

“And you remember too!” she hissed back, “I think Rhir might be here tonight, maybe I’ll ask him for a dance!” She smiled sarcastically at her and continued on her way to Adrama. In truth she had no intention of dancing with Rhir, she had simply said it to spite her sister. She knew her mother would be far more outraged if Dryea danced with him then if she did. And she knew Dryea knew it as well.

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