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So #3 intrigues me because the obvious ("obvious") Cambrian rebel is Owain Glyndwr, or Owen Glendower if you're Shakespeare and can't even spell your own name, let alone the Prince of Wales. I note that "Glendower" includes both "lend" and "ower", either of which could be removed to give...

Is it GLEND, the Sword of Nan? Always love it when Luthien's madcap spell comes into things.* ^_^

#4 is of course Rickard Skarphedin, with the fourth letter changed. ^_~ No, I don't know.


* "and last and longest named she then / the endless hair of Uinen..." Is it significant, do you think, that Luthien happened to invoke as the divine patron of her spell a) a woman, who b) has her own story involving a man who all her relatives hated? Nah... just coincidence...

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